WaveSurf© Trade System

The only way to make money with trading the stock markets: WaveSurf© Trade System!

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There is a method to trade the stock markets which truly stands out above all other trading methods and systems. A method which adresses the core of what trading is all about. And it is quite easy to learn too. Ideal for beginners, as a long (and often expensive) learning path can be skipped. Ideal for experienced traders, not getting the desired results, have become insecure, take profits too quickly or let their losses add up too much. There is no such thing as the holy grail but WaveSurf© certainly comes close! Many traders have switched to WaveSurf© and came to the conclusion: ”yes, this is how trading should be done!” You might ask yourself why this WaveSurf© method is available to you? It’s because I want to help. Many WaveSurfers will agree. That is why the price of this full course is very low.

–> Buy the WaveSurf© method now, become a succesful trader and increase your account balance! For WaveSurf© book owners, we also offer the possibility to join our WaveSurf© Whatsapp groep, with lots of real time information, forecasts, explanations and possibility to ask questions, at a low cost of only 1 euro per trading day! (Dutch only). Live support possible via TeamViewer!

You are looking for ways to make money, increase your savings account, prepare for retirement. But how? Interest is low, house prices are high, you are not sure if you can trust asset management companies. You prefer to keep your assets in control yourself! Some people are already trading the stock markets, some people are considering to start trading….

But it takes a lot of time, hard work and ‘hurt money’ to figure it out and more than 75% of all traders are losing money! Are you making losses ? Are your trade results going nowhere? Do you want better results? Frustrated trying to figure it all out amidst an overflow of information? Are your expected targets often wrong? Having difficulty with discipline? Following guru signals, expensive signal subscriptions led to disappointment? THIS HAS TO STOP.

-> WaveSurf© is the answer you are looking for!

  • Easy to learn method to start generating profits
  • For beginners and traders with any kind of experience
  • Applicable to all stock markets, indexes, commodities, currency’s, crypto’s
  • Works on all main internetbroker platforms
  • Works on all time frames, you decide how much time you want to spend trading
  • Low risk, high return
  • You are not dependent on guru’s or expensive signal subscriptions anymore
  • You will choose to ignore posts about target prices of other traders on Social Media
  • I am a trader with 20 years experience, sharing my winning trade system, now you can skip trying to invent the wheel, saving you hurt money and time

Stock market trading can get overwhelming, so much information.

Maybe you have tried working out patterns, indicators, everything, even help from guru’s…..and it just isn’t working, regardless of what you are trading, Indexes like SP500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, DAX, FTSE, CAC40, OMX Helsinki25, Oil, Crypto, Amazon, Indexes, individual shares like Tesla, Amazon, ASML, Heineken, and any other share you want to trade.

WaveSurf© is build on a strong core concept. It fixes your problem about wrong expectations, it loves volatility but handles boring sideways periods too. Often we just cant believe the price movement; ”it has gone so far up it doesnt make sense!”, is probably a statement you would recognize.

But WaveSurf© is prepared for nasty tricks and ‘manipulation’. WaveSurf© will guide you, even in price movements you weren’t expecting. In fact you will get signals from WaveSurf© which are hard to believe sometimes as you had something else in your mind. And WaveSurf© will surprise you over and over again because it guided you in the right direction. Stock Market manipulation, are they trying to smoke the shorters? It won’t be your problem anymore! WaveSurf© helps you being diciplined as a trader too.

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone ranging from unexperienced to experienced traders, no matter if you are full time or part time trader, just as long as you have a computer and internet!

What is WaveSurf© about, what are you investing into?

WaveSurf© is not a book, it’s a method! It’s a superior trading system, which is clearly explained in a 70 pages, full color A4 size book, including many illustrations. It will guide you how to use it. The WaveSurf method can be simply installed by using tools already present at all main internet brokers. 

WaveSurf© gives you full and complete overview of all the market forces in the key time frames. You will see the turning of the market and the strength of the movements. It will tell you when to step in and when to go out or to keep the trade going. It will tell you how to recognize the market behaviour and select the right tools. It will show you how to combine information from different time frames in a very clever way.

There are 3 levels of WaveSurf©:

Level 1 is the most basic way to use WaveSurf©, but especially meant as a first step to the more advanced level 2!

Level 2 is an addition to level 1, which enables you to have a complete overview, to trade in all circumstances, even sideways markets, provides better entry and exit. Superb performance! Best risk reward/trading system on the market!

Level 3 are additions from other techniques to obtain exits/entries, target prices, some of them unique as they are invented by the author

You simply choose the level which fits best to you!

In the WaveSurf© method book, you will also find important things to consider while trading, such as preparation, money management and more. It even has an exam to make sure you understand the way to use it, including answers to the questions. Forget expensive workshops, forget Guru trade signals. This WaveSurf© book is all you need. Now available for you at a very low cost which you will most likely earn back quickly and benefit from years after.

* How to prepare for trading

* The right mindset for traders

* Superb trade system, indicator set + target price tools, sharp turning points and exits

* Money Management

* Many examples and illustrations

* A test to see if you understand everything just right: questions and answers

* Somewhere in this book, you will even read about a herd of wild horses!

* After reading this book, you will understand the method and you are ready to start making profitable trades!

Don’t wait any longer, order your copy of WaveSurf© Trade System and become a successful stock market trader!

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