About the Author

Pieter Verduyn has 20 years of experience in trading the stock markets. He has studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft University and made a successful career in the ICT industry as a founder and managing director of several companies. His hobbies are training and coaching a youth soccer team, loves to spend time with his dog, a Dutch Shepherd and he has a ‘thing’ for classic cars.

In these 20 years of trading, out of which 15 years full time trading, he has used and tested many different kinds of trading techniques and found them to be insufficient or generating too low return on investment. Therfor the WaveSurf Trade System was developed and tested thoroughly and proved to be of superb performance. Now he wants to share this method with traders, as many traders are still making losses.

“You, dear reader, have found the secret to making money with stock market trading and it’s called: WaveSurf© Trade System. I know there are many books, workshops, free YouTube video’s and blogs about stockmarket trading. But there is nothing like WaveSurf©. Yes maybe there are more professional websites. Maybe there are Guru’s with a much more professional marketing and presentation. But they can’t beat this trading system. I am not a Guru, nor do I think I should tell you where the stock market is heading to. No, I present you the tools to be in control yourself! I achieve a profit/loss trade ratio of 90-95% each month and after a little getting used to, it is so easy to use. I have the overview of up and down forces on the price mechanism, in all time frames, each stock market. It’s build from such a strong core concept, it really does open up the secret to stock market behaviour. This system is unbeatable, WaveSurf© is the secret to being a very succesful trader. I am very proud of it! You don’t need and want advice from others anymore, you are able to make your trade decision fully independently. I want you to be succesful too, so I have made it available at an unbelievable low price, considering what WaveSurf© will do for you, soon after you start but also for many years in the future!”

”If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I will try to answer as soon as I can’.

Wishing you happy succesful trading!

Pieter Verduyn

WaveSurfTradeSystem, The Netherlands, Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number : 77931726, VAT number: NL003261983B52