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Payment terms: prepayment only by use of financial transaction instruments on the website. A payment to WSTS is seen as a payment only when funds are received on the bank account of WSTS.

Shipping: please allow approximately 2 weeks for handling and shipping. WSTS cannot take any responsibility at any time for damages or losses, or delay caused by the transporter. The transport is stricktly a 3rd party provider of a shipping service to you. Other possible shipping delay could be caused by absence due to vacation or severe illness. WTST will do everything within reasonability to take care of shipping your product accurately and swiftly.

Returns: You have the right to return your product according to Dutch online sales law, with a maximum period of 14 days after receipt. Once we receive your returned product in new condition with UNBROKEN sealing, as prior to shipping, we will refund you for the purchase amount. In case of any damage to the product, or broken sealing, we will not be able to refund any amount, part of the original purchase price, such to be determined by WSTS.

Privacy: we respect your privacy, your order information will be used for WSTS administration and shipping purposes only and will not be shared to other parties.


There is significant risk in trading financial assets and derivatives

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